Portable lockers to keep valuables safe

FP Studio December 28, 2020 11:05:39 IST
Portable lockers to keep valuables safe


A steel made electronic locker that has 2-live door bolts for complete security. You don’t need to worry about forgetting the digital code as it is reprogrammable. If you ever forget the digital access code, you can reprogramme it by following the steps given in the manual. It comes with two override keys for emergency and an adjustable and removable inner shelf. AmazonBasics Security Safe has the capacity of 28.31 liters and dimension of 43.2 in length x 37.1 in width x 23cm in height.

Key locking system

This safe is made of high quality steel that is corrosion resistant and keeps your valuable completely secure. It features a motorized locking mechanism that provides foolproof protection around vulnerable areas too. This grey safe is powder coated finish and removable shelves. Godrej Forte Pro Safe Locker has a duo curve lock with a unique key lock mechanism which makes it hard to duplicate. This safe locker is best for home use having 20 liters capacity.

Automatic freezing feature

An electronic locker is manufactured out of cold rolled steel sheets having a very sturdy built. This product features a 3-8 digit open and close digital access code which automatically freezes for three minutes if wrong code is input for three consecutive times. This quality makes it perfect for official use. SToK® ST- ES1723 Small Electronic Safe has dimensions of 17cm in length x 23cm in width x 17cm in height, total weight of 3 kgs and comes with two emergency override keys.

Fireproof safe

An electronic locker made of high quality steel that has a high density black powder coated body to give a rich look. It has a fireproof make with an alarm that goes off in case of fire breakout. It has a capacity of 12 liters and dimension of 31cm in length x 20cm in width x 20cm in height. This locker features a 1-10numeral combination with manual locking and unlocking. IPSA ES01 Digital Electronic Safe Locker is perfect for hotel room usage.

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