Popular stationery sets to keep your kids busy

FP Studio November 10, 2020 20:19:45 IST
Popular stationery sets to keep your kids busy

Best back to school set

This popular stationer is a firm favourite amongst children, thanks to its well-made and innovative stationery that is always a feast for youngsters. This kit comes packed in a cool transparent carry bag that includes plenty of colour pens, pencils, markers and even a colouring book for hours of fun. With compartments to keep everything together, we recommend buying this if you're looking for a set that makes a great gift, you can carry with you anywhere and store easily at home.

Value for money purchase

Typical of Classmate's vibrant and creative stationery offerings is this back to school set that comes packed in its bright yellow Bag. Containing a drawing book, sketch pen set, oil pastels, erasers, wax crayons, notebooks, a scale and a couple of sharpeners, it's a feast for the eyes and easy on the pocket. Besides the Octane colour burst pack, Mechanical pencil, glide ball pens and scrapbook make it an excellent gift idea for any kid three years and over.

Matching study-table stationery collection

Cool blue vibes aren't only for boys. Children of all ages will enjoy this teddy bear printed set that's on-trend and filled with stylish picks that are both practical and functional. Now your kids' study table can finally feel complete. With matching stationery, a handy water bottle and table sharpener among others, this unique selection can be a great motivator or prize for a job well done. Buy this to help make homework time go by much quicker!

Compact pre-exam writing set

When it comes to handwriting, practice makes perfect, what better way to encourage your kids to continue their writing hobbies and academic pursuits than with a compact assortment of high-quality tools that will support and help them develop their skills. Whether you have a preschooler or a primary level student, this writing kit is an invaluable addition to their education. Recommended by educators and parents alike, this combo set is perfect for getting just before exams, for taking on a vacation and for a birthday return gift.

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