Popular board games perfect for bonding

FP Studio October 23, 2020 08:17:01 IST
Popular board games perfect for bonding

Nostalgic moments

This game comes with a tap touch technology and it offers an exciting new gameplay via the central banking unit. The banking unit now controls all elements of the game and all you have to simply tap your card to reveal your financial wins and losses. You have to watch out for new gameplay twists via the chance cards. In this edition, players can instantly buy properties, set rent, and tap their way to fortune, and it takes only about 30 minutes to complete a game and well. If you love monopoly, this new rendition will always keep you hooked.

Money matters

This is a game of buying and selling, banking and mortgaging. It is a perfect learning tool for children, It teaches kids about the use of money and how to deal in money which adds to the overall growth of the child. The objective of this game is to learn business or trade by buying, selling properties & and to also to become the wealthiest player by playing the game. So, if you want your child to grow mentally, this is the game for you.

Hangouts made better

This game is perfect for children, as they will get to learn and practice more than 700 curriculum-based English words and their meanings. They can compete in this fantastic game to name the correct words defined by simple meanings/definitions, race along the path and develop their vocabulary, language skills and an interest in reading. Each game is divided into three levels (easy to difficult) and each card has three definitions and clues and if you are looking to develop mentally and strategize accordingly, this is where your search stops.

Treasure of happiness

This game requires great tactical understanding. Here each player chooses a white or black side from the 64 reversible disks on the board and then they have to aim to lock his/her opponent's disks between his/her disks. You have to devise various strategies to lock and twist your opponent and win this strategy board game. There is so much to think, plot and strategize and this game has it all which makes this one of the top picks in this category for you.

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