Plastic containers to complete your kitchen

FP Studio March 18, 2021 12:45:54 IST
Plastic containers to complete your kitchen

Lock in the flavours of your spices

Durable and well-designed, this set of containers made of food-grade plastic will keep your spices fresh and your flavours intact for a long time. Easy to stack and store either on your countertop or in your cupboard, they take up minimal space and are super convenient to use. Besides, you can even use them to store liquids without worrying about them spilling out. The translucent material allows you to quickly tell what's inside and grab the right one when you need it in a hurry. If you're looking for a reliable storage option, you can't go wrong with this set.

Optimise your cabinet space

What do you do when you have oddly shaped containers taking up space in your cupboard? You shop around for a fantastic set like this one that optimises your cabinet's width and height efficiently. Stand them side-by-side or stack them vertically to give your whole pantry a collected, perfect feel. The sturdy lids are well-designed to make opening and closing easy while the three different sizes mean that you can store all manner of grains, farsan and dry fruits efficiently, anywhere.

Multi-size storage set

We love having options, and this set of 8 round storage containers gives us just that. Sturdy and stackable you get 2 x 2.2L containers that are great for storing monthly staples like grains, batters and curries. You also get the option six smaller containers - 2 x 310 ml and 4 x 225 ml containers that are ideal for storing snacks, dry fruits, chopped vegetables and more. Made with flexible airtight lids, these BPA-free containers also have a grippy textured matte exterior that helps you avoid accidental spills and accidents. For daily use, this set is your best bet.

The modular kitchen storage solution

We all love a new set of storage containers when fresh and just out of the box. But after a few months of use, they can get scuffed and scratched and not look as great. This is when this set of 600ml containers comes in handy. Made of durable BPA-free plastic, this set is food-safe, sturdy, scratch-resistant and hygienic enough to carry on your travels. Easy to use and maintain, they are airtight, freezer/dishwasher safe and can even be put in the microwave without lids if you need to reheat food.

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