Photography backdrop kits for those awesome pictures

FP Studio February 15, 2021 16:16:07 IST
Photography backdrop kits for those awesome pictures

For the beginner

Shootvilla’s Backdrop kit widely fits in a small to a large photo studio. A beginner to professional, a photographer or a person, anyone who wants to click a high-quality plane/printed background photo can use it. It comes with a high-quality kit bag. It is very easy to carry and load or reload. The stand is light in weight and sturdy, with spring loading for shock absorption. It contains non-slip locks.

Solid stability

The GiftMax Backdrop kit backdrop stands with solid three legs are made of high-quality aluminium alloy, the largest diameter of the stand can reach up to 35cm, giving it exceptional strength for heavy-duty work. The stands use quick locks, providing fast height adjustment. The maximum height of the stand can reach up to 280cm. The stand comes with a bag for easy storing and carrying the set. The crossbar consists of four separate sticks, making it simple to adjust the width. Great for all budding photographers.


Prolite’s background support kit is a portable and foldable photography backdrop stand kit suitable for holding photography & videography backdrops, wedding backdrop, flower wall, selfie booth backdrop, video call background, projector background, online video shoots, and more. It contains non-slip Italian flip locks. The stand’s height & width is adjustable. The stand is made of heavy-duty and sturdy material. There is a padded bag provided for additional safety. Great buy for videographers.


Yugam’s Photography Backdrop kit fits in a small to a large photo studio. The installation of the stand is very easy. The stand looks very professional and it is stable for a photoshoot. The fast and easy setup saves time. This kit is specially designed for professionals it is easy to convert the side stands into a Light stand, so you don’t need to carry a separate light stand. Good buy for professionals.

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