Patio benches to have a great time outdoors

FP Studio November 26, 2020 09:47:22 IST
Patio benches to have a great time outdoors

Classic wooden bench

The FurniFuture Garden bench is a garden bench made up of wrought-and-cast iron. The handles and legs of the bench are black while the sitter is fully made up of natural wood with bright brown color. The handles have a designer fitting that uplifts the whole furniture style. The length of the whole sitter in the bench is 64 inches and the height of the bench from the floor is 34 inches. The bench has the capacity to seat up to three persons at the same time. It can accommodate loads of up to 350 kg. The assembly can be done by any person as it is a very feasible process to set up. It is both 100% washable as well as waterproof. Great look for your garden.

Designer pattern

This brown colored bench by Furniture Hub looks like it is made of wood but it is actually made out of fiber reinforced plastic that is four times stronger than wood. This bench can handle large loads effortlessly. It gives a very vintage look to your garden and you can also use this as a left-field item for your indoor décor. The black handle with a designer pattern gives this bench a lavish look. It is a long-lasting bench because of the material used in seating material. It is both 100% water and terminates proof with the dimension of 160 x 64.8 x 79.4 Centimeters.

Solid Wood

If you like Italian designs, this bench by TG Furniture is the one for you. It is a great piece of furniture that goes well both indoors as well as in your city-balcony. It highlights the space it is in and gives it a very premium look. The material is made up of solid wood providing good, sturdy support. The furniture finishing look is glossy making it more vibrant and shiny. There are over 10 designs for this bench where the leg is mostly made up of wood to ensure support to the next level where the seating is made up of white cushion to increase the comfy feel at home. The item dimension is 110 x 40 x 59 Centimeters. As it is a pre-assembled bench, it reduces your hard work to set it up. Great for city homes.

Natural wood bench

This is a versatile bench that goes well with both indoor and terrace environments. It has a natural wood finish and it instantly increases the aesthetics of your surroundings. The Takasho Indoor Outdoor Natural Bench is natural light brown as it is made from wood. It is a long bench with six legs in order to ensure load resistance. The legs at the sides are connected with each other making it very sturdy and supportive. The dimension of this bench is 180 x 58 x 40 Centimeters. Though it is manufactured from natural wood it is highly resistant to moisture, decay and insect damage.

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