Pacifiers to engage babies

FP Studio November 25, 2020 18:22:41 IST
Pacifiers to engage babies

A combo of two
A silicon made physio pacifier that makes the baby breathe through its nose and not through its mouth. It is small and compact in size with small ridges marked on the head of the treat that tends to reproduce natural lines of the palate of the baby along with promoting the natural positioning of the tongue. If you are looking for a pacifier that will make your baby habituated to breathing from its nose, Chicco Soother Physio Soft Boy Sil is made for you.

Inspires self feeding
A pacifier made out of safe and non toxic, BPA free silicon that is safe for the baby. It consists of a teether mehs in which you can place a piece of fruit or veggies and give the baby to chew, this induces a sense of self feeding in the baby along with easing the irritation. It comes in a cute bunny figure with a cap to protect the pacifier from external factors. If you are looking for this product for a baby whose teeths have just begun to come, Baby Fruit & Food Veggie Teether Pacifier is the best buy for you.

Designed for night time
This odour and tasteless pacifier made from silicon is extremely durable. This pacifier features a collapsible nipple that works in accordance with the development of the baby’s natural development of teeth and gums. It is specially designed for night time usage with a glow in the dark handle attached to each of the pacifiers of this combo pack of two. These are dishwasher safe and can be steam sterilized. If you are looking for a pacifier to be used at night time specifically, Philips AVENT BPA Free Nighttime Infant Pacifier is the one for you.

Provides oral stimulation
This 100% safe and toxic free pacifier made of food grade silicon and plastic allows you to put a small piece of fruit in the mesh which provides oral stimulation to the abay that aids in relief to the teething gums. It is provided with a sturdy snap lock system which prevents spillage and leakage. The attractive design of the handle catches attention of the baby very quickly and keeps it engaged for a long period of time. If you are looking for a pacifier that will prevent mess, go for LuvLap Silicone Food/Fruit Nibbler, Soft Pacifier.

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