Oven toasters that every kitchen needs

FP Studio January 20, 2021 22:00:10 IST
Oven toasters that every kitchen needs

For healthy meals
Here is the only oven toaster to bake, grill and toast many delicious dishes. This digital oven not only helps you to make delicious food but also lets you make it in a healthy way. It features an Opti Temp Technology that distributes the heat evenly inside the oven which helps you to bake perfect cakes and breads. You can also use it to grill you food in minimum oil, making healthier meals. Philips Oven Toaster Grill is easy to use with a digital panel and 10 one touch pre-set menus available in it. It also comes with accessories such as a grilling rack, baking tray, tongs, etc made of food grade material.

Very versatile
This oven is what every contemporary household needs. It is made of a rust-free high quality material with toughened double glass door for safety and durability. The toughened glass door also helps retain heat inside the oven for better cooking and it is transparent so you don’t need to open and pause to check your dish. American Micronic Oven Toaster is a powerful and versatile oven with different knobs to control temperature, power and function. It has a 2000W heating capacity. This oven also has an automatic timer function that lets you set the timer for up to 120 minutes according to your cooking needs.

Multiple accessories (Easy Cleaning)
Here is an oven toaster that will fulfill all the basic baking, grilling and toasting needs. Borosil DIGIPRO Oven Toaster is made of good quality alloy steel material and has a simple grey color. It includes functions like convection, rotisserie, grill, bake and toast. Convection ensures that your food heats quickly and uniformly. This oven has a feather touch control with adjustable temperature control from 60 to 230 degree Celsius. It also features a transparent glass door and a capacity of 38L. The removable crumb makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

Sturdy body (Cost Effective)
This oven toaster is tough on the outside and helps you to cook delicious food inside. This 16 liter oven-toaster grill is extremely easy to use. It offers six different cooking modes for baking, toasting, cooking, roasting and grilling. This helps you cook different and tastier cuisines and dishes. USHA 3716 Oven Toaster Grill comes along with five different accessories including an easy to maintain baking tray, a steel wire rack to fulfill your grilling needs, skewers, crumb tray and tongs. It also features knobs with easy grip so you can use it even while your hands are wet.

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