Our top four textbooks on Indian Contract Law

FP Studio February 15, 2021 14:10:04 IST
Our top four textbooks on Indian Contract Law

Comprehensive Reference

This handy, comprehensive reference book contains practical templates and provides adequate theory and commentary about the critical points of contract drafting. With chapters, lengthy introductions and drafting notes that cover an exhaustive range of contracts from procurement of Goods, services and assets to confidentiality contracts, it’s a must have tool for in-house legal teams, lawyers, law students and consultants. The attention to detail in this textbook is unparalleled, especially when it comes to tricky clauses such as a disputed resolution clause.

For Commercial Contracts

Drafting a commercial contract requires attention to detail and a good solid grasp of how to use the law to suit a client. This guide is a one stop shop for commercial contracts and it’s designed to be of use to lawyers as well as non-lawyers. Use it to get a thorough grasp on how to start drafting a contract, how to develop clauses and how to highlight key aspects to ensure an effective agreement. The language is accessible, and the book is well-organised.

For civil and Criminal notices

A notice is the last stage of communication between two parties before litigation. It should ideally notify the recipient about the senders' intention to undertake legal proceedings. Notices can be civil or criminal, and they are used to save both parties the cost of litigation. A good notice tries to help both parties arrive at negotiation or compromise. Drafting a notice is no easy task. That’s where Notices, an offering from Sharma and Mago, comes in. This well- researched reference book contains practical and theoretical information on how to understand various provisions in a notice, how to frame and serve notices and a lot more.

Crisp and concise

This slim 300-page book is crisp, concise and complete – exactly the qualities you need in a contract. The first book in the Easy Law Series, this guide is an updated resource on the main provisions of the contract and specific relief laws. We especially recommend it for how legal decisions and legal literature have been appended to critical cases. The book is comprehensive and accessible while managing to illustrate a wealth of extensive literature on the subject. A must-have for your bookshelf.

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