Our list of the best OTGs for your baking needs! And why you should buy one.

FP Studio June 19, 2020 01:32:16 IST
Our list of the best OTGs for your baking needs! And why you should buy one.

Baker’s best friend

We love this 7” round pan that is super easy to use and releases your cake every single time with no fuss. What’s unique about this pan is its waffled bottom that makes sure your cake doesn’t stick and releases with minimal fuss. The most important feature we have to talk about is the springform release mechanism that allows you to comfortably lift out your cakes as the sides of the pan open up when you unleash the buckle. This is also what makes it a great option to use when baking cheesecakes. Made with premium high quality iron which is incredibly durable and has two layers of non stick coating, this cake pan is truly easy to use and clean.

Perfect for both sweet and savory bakes

This 8 x 8 inch square cake pan is ideal if you’re looking for a cake pan to double up for your savory dishes as well. This product does an excellent job of baking your food evenly with its non stick coated steel core. With this pan you get straight sides for your bakes without any worry of it not releasing properly. And if you want that perfect brown color for your pies and breads then the dark black color is why you need to go buy this brand. This heavy duty pan is perfect for those bakers who want to switch between baking cakes and savory foods without having to double up on different trays.

Take cakes to the next level

The best cake pans for distributing heat quickly and evenly are typically made out of aluminum and this 3 piece assortment of cake pans won’t disappoint. Available in three popular shapes (round, heart and flower), these pans allow bakers a wider variety of cake options. But don’t be worried about the cakes not releasing from these different shapes as these pans are designed with edges that do not flare out going upwards so that cakes bake uniformly and form clean edges. So go ahead and opt for a useful assortment of baking pans and impress your friends and family with your stylish cakes.

Perfect cake pan for newbie bakers

If you’re new to baking then this cake pan is the go-to choice for you. Made with aluminum, this round pan conducts heat excellently so that your cakes will rise and bake perfectly. This versatile product can not only be used in ovens but can also be used to bake in pressure cookers, and convection microwave ovens. This is the best bet for beginner bakers who want to create cakes at home. The clean sides also make this usable for cheesecakes. You can even pop it in the freezer without it warping as it’s constructed with durable steel.

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