Our list of the best OTG ovens for your baking needs!

FP Studio June 11, 2020 03:09:52 IST
Our list of the best OTG ovens for your baking needs!

Baking healthy meals made easy

This 25 litres OTG comes with plenty of features, though what stood out was its opti-temp technology and one touch menu functions that are time savers and easy to use. The opti-temp technology works to evenly distribute the heat which is great for breads and cakes so that they are evenly browned all over. And with one touch menu that allows you 10 saved preset options so that you don’t need to remember individual times and temperature for your dishes. With a digital display panel and a wide range of accessories, this product is the one to go for if you’ve just started to get into baking.

It’s time for your own personal bake off!

This lighter 16 litres oven is perfect for smaller families of 2-3 individuals. With most of the functions of a bigger oven, purchasing this OTG won’t put you out of pocket. With a 60 minute timer to prevent over baking, skewer rods for when you crave kebabs and even a grill rack, baking tray, crumbs tray and tongs, this is a worthwhile investment. This model is also ideal for those who don't need a bulky set in their kitchen. And the smaller size is a plus when it comes to cleaning. So go this if you want a top functioning oven at a reasonable price.

The most important buy for bakers

At a whopping 52 litres, this OTG model tops out all the others on the list. An ideal choice for most professionals, this is the ultimate must have for those looking to get into the cake and dessert business. Designed to maintain exceptionally exact temperatures and convection technology to ensure that any dish you put in is going to be perfectly baked through and through. And if that’s not all it boasts a motorized rotisserie for professional looking and tasting kebabs for when that craving fits you. It also comes with a stay on timer feature that ensures the oven won’t go off if you need to bake for longer. And with a ton of accessories, this is the OTG every aspiring cook needs.

For professional quality that’s reasonably priced

And for those of you worried about your kitchen space, well look no further. This model is the perfect choice for those with smaller spaces and with a capacity of 9 litres it’s easy to cart around. People who live alone can also opt for this and whip up exciting new recipes and desserts. With its sleek design and high functionality from temperature control timer, an ergonomically designed handle that doesn’t heat up and high efficiency quartz heaters that help you cook faster. Highly recommended!

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