Only the best diaper bags for you to show off

FP Studio November 26, 2020 15:40:41 IST
Only the best diaper bags for you to show off

Large shoulder strap

The My Milestones Diaper Bag comes in the colours green and grey and has a large central compartment, along with a zipper pocket as well as other additional pockets. Its two zipper pockets at the back has a padded changing mat attached to it to help store away soiled clothes. This diaper bag has a large shoulder strap making it comfortable to carry as well as a large front zipper pocket and zipper bottle pockets to hold baby bottles and other necessities.

For long journeys

The Kiddale Multifunctional Baby Diaper Bag ideal for mothers is available in 7 unique colours and has an independent laptop compartment in it, making it ideal for working mothers. It has 14 pockets that includes 3 thermal pockets which helps to keep milk warm during long journeys. Other than that, there are 6 side pockets to keep other necessary items such as baby food, toys and bottles. There is also a separate wipe pocket on the side and it is waterproof in nature. You also get the added benefit of a waterproof changing pad attached to it.

Compact but big

The SYGA Diaper Bag comes in three unique colours and two side pockets to store powder or other necessary items such as toys or food. The material of the bag is polyester and fabric, making it long lasting as well. There is a zipper chain in the front which can hold upto three bottles. Other than that, the bag has one main chain where you can store around 5-6 diapers. The bag is also quite compact, making it easy to carry around, especially if you’re in a hurry!

Baby Support

The Kol Kol Baby Carrier Bag comes in the colour maroon and is made of 100% cotton fabric, which is handwoven. It is ideal for newborn babies and infants upto the age of 4 years and it provides your infant with a comfortable and deep seat which is ideal for the overall development of the baby. Also, its fabric is breathable in nature, so irrespective of the weather, your baby suffers no discomfort. The bag comes with padded shoulder straps as well as a supportive waistband and storage pocket where you can store diapers. It helps to support dual positions – both front and back!

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