Oils to include in your diet due to their health benefits

FP Studio September 25, 2020 18:25:42 IST
Oils to include in your diet due to their health benefits


Takes care of your heart health

If you are a heart patient, this oil is one of the best buys for you. The oil has been extracted from the rice barn that has many heart benefits majorly lowering down the cholesterol level making it heart friendly oil thus allowing you to relishall your favourite dishes without worry about your cholesterol level shooting up. It also aids in keeping both the unsaturated fatty acids balanced that are important for our health. Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil is less sticky and very light facilitating easy usage.

High smoking point

This oil is manufactured from handpicked mustard seeds using a traditional process to enhance the taste of your food. Mustard oil has a high smoking point that enables deep frying the food quickly at a high temperature without losing the nutrients and minerals in the food. It has many properties like antibacterial properties, high antioxidant content, boosting immunity and increasing appetite, Anupam Gold Mustard Oil (Kachi Ghani) for Cooking Oil being loaded with such goodness becomes a must buy product for every kitchen.

Extra virgin cold pressed oil

Olive oil obtained by first cold pressing from raw olive and being extra virgin ensures it contains a maximum of one percent oleic acid. It has rich flavours of olives along with beneficial antioxidants and vitamin E that balances unchecked inflammation that can cause arthritis, diabetes, etc The high percentages of dietary fats lowers down risk of heart disease. DiSano Extra Virgin Olive oil has the rich flavour & aroma of fresh Spanish olives making it an excellent choice for exotic dressings, marinating, sauteing on high flame, garnishing and for dips.

Goodness of two oils in one

A oil with a unique blend of 80% refined soybean oil and 20% refined rice bran oil making it the ideal voice for all those who are weight conscious or are on diet. The soybean oil has a low fat content which aids weight loss. The oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to maintaining good health and reduces upto 27% of oil absorption in fried food.
Saffola Active, Pro Weight Watchers Edible Oil gives you the goodness of two different oils making it a win-win situation for you thus is a must buy product.

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