Nail accessories to uplift your nail art

FP Studio November 27, 2020 09:54:58 IST
Nail accessories to uplift your nail art

Pastel colours set

A set of sparkling holographic sequins that gives the perfect three dimensional effect to your nail art. These butterfly sequins are in pastel colours and come in twelve different shades. The size of each sequin is 0.4cm x 0.8cm thus they are well designed to fit perfectly on your nails. If you are looking for nail art sequins that will give an awesome 3-D effect, VIKSON INTERNATIONAL Mirror Sparkly PASTLE COLOR Butterfly Nail Sequins is the one for you.

Sparkling acrylic crystals

Add a sparkling effect to your nails with these pack ab glass rhinestones. They are made of acrylic having a flat base to ensure they are glued easily and properly on the surface of your nails. They come in multiple assorted colours and sizes allowing you to create various designs and patterns efficiently. If you are looking for sparkling crystal stone for nail art, S.A.V.I 5g/Pack Ab Glass Rhinestones Stones Shiny Gems is the best buy for you.

Self adhesive stickers

A pack of 50 nail stickers that are made self adhesive so the user does not have to go through the tedious and messy procedure of manually sticking them with the glue. The designs include a wide variety from cute ones like hearts and flowers to aesthetic shapes. They are small in size with 3-D looks which give the salon finish at home. If you are looking for some trendy self adhesive nail stickers, FOK Set Of 50 Pc 3D Design Self Adhesive Tip Nail Art Stickers is the product for you.

A pack of 48 variants

If you are a nail art enthusiast who is looking for various accessories that can be used in your work, you are definitely going to love this product. This is a set of 48 various nail accessories filled in cute little bottles to ensure their protection. These 48 varieties include sequins, crystals, glitters, rhinestones, etc in various colours and sizes making it a complete package for every nail art lover. Trendy Club 48 Bottles 3D Nail Art Decoration comes in a nicely packed tray that makes the storage easy.

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