Mouthwatering pickles to stock up on right now

FP Studio May 13, 2021 23:45:07 IST
Mouthwatering pickles to stock up on right now

Making every bite more flavourful

This spicy pickle is made from large red chilies and stuffed with the masala. It has no added artificial flavoring or color and is organic. We relished it, as we got an authentic home-made taste. The pickle is an accompaniment to any meal and eaten with parathas or chapati. It also goes well with any Indian food preparation, whether dal, chole, or bhindi. The product comes in a 1kg pack and is a steal for the price. Pick up this tasty pickle if you are looking to spice up your life.

Now you can have mangoes all year round

Avakaya means mango pickle made with mustard. The base of this pickle is freshly ground mustard powder. This pickle is from the Andhra region and very popular among the locals. It combines selected mangoes, garlic, and an array of spices to give you an authentic Andhra taste. We found the pickle to go well with hot rice and ghee. This spicy mango pickle will tickle your taste buds. Hygienically packed and reasonably priced, it is a must-have if you are crazy about mangoes. So check out our link to buy it today.

Tantalize your taste buds with this delectable pickle

Pachranga achaar is a famous Punjabi pickle made from five main ingredients: raw mango, chickpea, lotus stem, karondas, and amlas or limes pickled with whole spices. This pickle does not disappoint and is true to the Punjabi flavor. It makes use of fresh vegetables and has a tangy and spicy taste that we like. It is infused with probiotic bacteria that aids digestion. The pickle comes in a well-sealed jar preventing spills. Check out this pickle if you would like to add a little Punjabi flavor to your meal.

A delicious pickle that keeps you wanting more

This homemade pickle infused with flavor is a taste bud pleaser. The recipe combines buffalo meat and coconut with spices to give you a traditional Malabar taste. We liked that you can find chunks of meat and coconut, giving you something to bite on. The pickle does not have any artificial colors or flavoring. It comes in a hygienically sealed 250 gm jar that is leak proof. This pickle can pair with any food. If you are an adventurous food lover, this is a must-have on your table.

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