Mouthwash to fight bad breath

FP Studio December 17, 2020 00:08:13 IST
Mouthwash to fight bad breath

Safe for kids

Here is a gentle yet effective mouthwash that is safe for every age group. This mouthwash is enriched with tea-tree oil which has anti-bacterial properties and ensures great smelling teeth. Alkmene Tea Tree Mouth Wash has an effective formula with zinc chloride which provides many dental benefits. It is also free of alcohol and parabens which makes it safe for kids too. You can use this product daily for protection from decay, reduction in bacterial plaque, strengthening tooth enamel, etc. It comfortably reaches places that a toothbrush cannot reach.

Alcohol free

This mouthwash will definitely give you long lasting freshness. Closeup Red Hot Mouth Wash has an anti-germ formula for all round teeth protection and extremely fresh breath. It is enriched with natural clove oil which fights bad breath, leaving you with a refreshing feeling. It doesn’t contain alcohol so you can comfortably rinse your mouth without burning sensation and dry feeling. Using this mouthwash twice a day for thirty seconds will give you 100% protection from germs.

Sugar free

Now you don’t have to worry about bad breath when you are out on a date. These mouth strips aim to keep your mouth healthy and fresh. It has an energizing mint flavor and you can feel the freshness as soon as you place this strip on your tongue. These strips are also sugar free. FRESH MELTZ Oral Hygiene Breath Strips come in a very convenient and compact packet that you can use anytime and anywhere. It also helps to kill germs and keep your mouth clean.

Instant freshness

Here is a daily mouth wash that will complete your everyday brushing routine. It is available in many cool and refreshing flavors that give you a pleasant after taste and keep your breath fresh. This mouthwash is anti-bacterial yet alcohol free, so you don’t feel a burning sensation in your mouth. Colgate Plax Anti-Bacterial Mouth Wash has a unique formula that gives you fresh breath 24x7 and it also kills 99% germs, keeping your mouth healthy and clean. Thirty seconds of mouthwash after brushing will give you a 10x instant blast of freshness. It also has other dental benefits.

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