Mix, Pour and Bake! Best Cake Mixes for that sweet tooth

FP Studio September 16, 2020 16:23:48 IST
Mix, Pour and Bake! Best Cake Mixes for that sweet tooth

Savour it as dessert or tea-time cake
This cake mix is not just your regular vanilla flavoured but a French vanilla flavored mix that has a deeper and richer note with much distinct flavour along with being a little more sweet that the normal vanilla flavor. It turns out to be a spongy golden cake with a sharp aroma and creamy taste of French vanilla. If you are a person who loves their cake in vanilla flavour, you should definitely try this Betty Crocker French Vanilla Cake Mix.

Ready in 30 minutes
Love chocolate cake and wish to make it at home? Try Pillsbury Oven Cake Mix - Moist Supreme Rich Chocolate. The mix has ingredients such as wheat flour, sugar, cocoa solids, baking powder, edible oil, and many more to make it a very moist and spongy cake. It is an oven mix thus all you have to do is mix and pour the batter in the tray and pop it in the pre-heated oven, wait for 30 minutes and voila! you have your favourite rich chocolate cake ready to dig in. To make it more delicious you can add chocolate ganache on it.

Delicious red velvet cake mix
This cake mix will serve you cravings of red velvet cake anytime. It is free from added preservatives and makes a very soft, spongy and moist cake if you properly follow all the instructions and your batter turns out to be of perfect consistency. The baking time varies from 35 to 40 minutes. So if you want to give a shot at baking your favourite red velvet cake, you should definitely consider La Casa Gelato Red Velvet Eggless Cake Mix. It is 100% vegetarian and is eggless.

Dark chocolate mix
If your are health conscious or follow a diet yet want to fulfill the cravings of an indulgent chocolate cake dessert, Josef Marc Egg Free Chocolate Cake Mix is the best pick for you as it contains dark chocolate compound instead of milk chocolate compound thus you can savour this simply amazing soft and moist dark chocolate cake with any guilt without waiting for your cheat day. It contains no artificial flavours or preservatives and is eggless thus can be consumed by all.

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