Melatonin - The Easiest Way To A Good Night's Sleep!

FP Studio November 18, 2020 00:44:35 IST
Melatonin - The Easiest Way To A Good Night's Sleep!

Helps regulate sleep and other health factors

A pack of 60 tablets, these contain 3mg of melatonin each to help regulate sleep for those who’ve been experiencing insomnia and are having trouble falling asleep in situations when they’re stressed or have been travelling more often. Along with regulating sleep, these tablets help in maintaining a regular menstrual cycle and regulate hormone release in women. The tablets also might help deal with anxiety better. Only one tablet in the day is recommended and should be taken just before bedtime for a good sleep. Buy this if you’ve been experiencing frequent sleeplessness.

Helps relax and fall asleep

Made with 200 mg L-Theanine, this package of 60 melatonin tablets are intended to help you sleep better. They come in the form of softgels and only 1 such softgel tablet should be taken in the day. The product itself is non-vegetarian and helps you relax for your body to prepare itself for a much-needed sleep. In case you’ve been facing sleeplessness because of stress at the workplace; your sleep cycle has gone for a toss because of frequent travel or travelling across different time-zones, you should take these tablets to make your body destress and support sleep.

Fall asleep faster and relax

These 10 mg melatonin tablets are made keeping in mind your need to fall asleep and stay asleep for a longer time. It not only promotes sleep for that particular night but is also great for regulating your overall sleep cycle. This pack of 60 tablets has been made in India and is known for its fast absorption for quick results. These melatonin pills are recommended for those who work in jobs where shifts change often, resulting in an irregular sleep cycle. Take these pills if you keep waking up in the night and cannot fall back asleep.

Melatonin with Ayurvedic benefits

Not only do these 3mg Carbamide Forte Melatonin tablets help you fall asleep, but they are also great in ensuring you wake up feeling revitalized. Just one tablet can help you reset your sleep cycle and completely relax your body. Better sleep means more energy, which means your next day will be productive and pleasant. The ingredients are all-natural and have no harmful chemicals - so you can be worry-free even in case you need to take these tablets more often. You should get this product if you’re looking for something that can aid a good sleep with 100 percent natural ingredients.

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