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Give Yourself The Advantage

Table Tennis is a great sport to get started on. For that you would need this GKI Dragon Table Tennis Racquet, which is ideal for beginners. But it’s all round quality means even professionals love using it. Made of wood, the GKI Dragon Table Tennis Racquet has a rubber padding that will help players combat shots coming at a lightning pace, and with spin to match. The sturdy build of this racquet is great to help players develop impeccable shot control, with consistent feedback at all times. It is a perfect racquet for players who are just starting out and looking for a good time.

Always A Hit

This is one of the best ping pong blades out there. The Yinhe Galaxy T11 Balsa table tennis paddle is a fast, light weight, high quality blade designed for offensive play. It features a balsa core and has a 5 wood + 2 carbon composite layered construction. It will take some time for you to get used to the speed of this blade, and you will need to try different combinations of rubbers, to find the combination that fits your game the best. In due course, this blade surely will help you develop shot proficiency. With its lightweight design, and impeccable shot power, the Yinhe Galaxy T11 Balsa Table Tennis paddle will turn you into a master of the game.

Turbocharge Strokeplay

The Tibhar Carbon Shot Table Tennis Blade is one piece of equipment that you need to get to be in complete control of your game. Think of this as a nitrous boost for your game, something that will impart great power and control to your strokeplay. This paddle adds speed and spin almost twice as much as other paddles. These features make the Tibhar Carbon Shot Table Tennis Blade perfect for players of an intermediate skill level. This blade has the capability to improve your game significantly. The carbon increases speed and improves your ball connection, helping you develop the right muscle memory to execute different shots.

The Champions’ Choice

There’s a reason why Stag Manika Batra MS-20 Table Tennis Racquet comes approved by the Indian Table Tennis Federation. Endorsed by Commonwealth champion, Manika Batra, this table tennis racquet has a dynamic, user friendly design, which makes it the perfect racquet for beginners to perfect their shot swings. The hard rubber covering on top of 5 ply construction keeps it distortion free, with enhanced ball speed and control. It also helps that the racquet weighs an efficient 156 grams, which makes perfect to use in high-intensity training drills and matches.

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