Manicured hands in minutes

FP Studio March 24, 2020 18:29:27 IST
Manicured hands in minutes

JOY Nail Polish Remover Wipes
Removing nail polish is probably our least favourite part of our manicure routine, but it sure is important. The quality of your nail polish remover has a direct impact on the health and appearance of your nails. Thin, weak, sensitive, or brittle, with JOY Nail Polish Remover Wipes, you can rest assured you will get a formula that works for you. 10 soaked pads come in every box and with each pad able to clean at least 10 nails, this is an economical and efficient option even on the go. Do give this a try if you’re looking for high quality and handy nail paint remover.

Kara Wipes Nail Polish Remover With Vitamin
This will help you remove even the darkest of shades with great ease! Kara Wipes are equipped with acetone free formulation so rest assured, that nail is going to get really clean! Another great thing about these wipes are alcohol free and biodegradable so you can also do your bit towards a greener environment by purchasing these. Along with being absolutely thorough cleaners, these wipes also contain nourishing Vitamin E, that will add to the shne and nourishment of your nails once you are done, along with strengthening your cuticles. Oh and let’s not forget the pleasant fragrance that it ;eaves in its wake! A must buy.

Yashvi Collection Yas Steel Paris Nail Polish Remover - Pack of 3
This product is great to remove your nail paints, and the beauty is in the simplicity. It comes in cute coloured boxes that may be delivered randomly, but these are super handy to carry along and use, as the boxes are compact. Each box contains around 32 wiping pads, and one purchase gets you 3 such packs. With our experience, we say these are very functional and get the job done neatly. Add travel friendly and a nice fragrance to it and that is all you would want from a good nail polish remover wipe, isn’t it? We love this product. So don’t hesitate and purchase it.

Ella Multi Fruit Flavored Nail Polish Remover Wipes Round Tissues
Why should nail polish remover wipes be blah and boring? The Ella Multi-Fruit Flavoured Nail Polsih Wipes are proof of how we can have fun with such a product. Available in zesty fruit flavours such as Apple, Strawberry, Peach, Orange, Blackberry and Lemon, these wipes will leave a nice and pleasant after-scent once you use them. They are also 100% natural and biodegradable so you don't need to worry about the environment as well. one box will get you 32 wipes and each wipe can do a great job of cleaning 10 nails with ease! The compact size of the box ensures that you can carry it anywhere and clean anytime. Recommended!

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