Making a loved one’s life easier with these commode wheelchairs

FP Studio February 11, 2021 00:21:57 IST
Making a loved one’s life easier with these commode wheelchairs

Compact and Sturdy

VMS Careline Deluxe Double Rexine Mag Wheel Regular Foldable Commode Dum Wheelchair with Safety Belt is a compact wheelchair that comes with an arm and footrest and rear wheel lock facility. It can withstand up to 100kgs of weight and comes with a chrome-plated steel frame that serves as a commode with a detachable bucket. The wheelchair can be self maneuvered as well as by someone else. It is extremely lightweight and convenient. Its compact design allows you to fold it and carry it with you wherever you go. Its design is such that it is extremely comfortable and easy to clean. Definitely a smart purchase for your loved one.

Modern compact design

KHL Foldable Wheelchair with Commode with Detachable Footrest and Flip-back Armrest comes in a compact design. It is foldable and comes with a commode and a detachable backrest for added comfort. The product also consists of a plastic commode seat with a detachable pot. It can withstand up to 100kgs of weight. The quality and build of this product are praiseworthy. The product is extremely durable as well. The highlight of this product is that it also comes with a water cushion. In a nutshell, it is an affordable and good purchase option for your loved ones as it would provide them with the utmost comfort.

Easy and convenient

KosmoCare Pride Imported Commode Wheelchair comes with a fixed arm and footrest and also a rear-wheel lock. It is foldable and portable and hence can be carried anywhere. It comes with a chrome-plated steel frame which provides a commode functionality. The wheelchair can withstand 100 kgs. It is perfect for your loved ones as it provides them with comfort as well as mobility. The wheelchair can be selfly maneuvered and also easily handled by a caregiver. The arm and footrest provide extra comfort and the detachable bucket provides a convenient and easy to clean option.

For easy movement

The ARCATRON MOBILITY Assisted Frido 2000 Heavy Duty Roll-over comes with detachable armrests for easy and hassle-free movement from a chair to bed and vice versa. The wheelchair can be easily rolled over the commode without having to move your loved one thus providing extra comfort and convenience. The product build is such that it makes cleaning extremely easy thus maintaining the hygiene of your loved one. It’s also extremely sturdy and water-resistant and can withstand up to 150 kgs. Its build is light and can be selfly maneuvered as well. It comes with a secure rear wheel lock and seat belts thus providing safety for your loved one. It is also extremely easy to assemble.

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