Make reading fun and informative with these educational illustrated books

FP Studio November 25, 2020 13:42:26 IST
Make reading fun and informative with these educational illustrated books

Science made easy

Is your kid inquisitive about the world of science? Even if your kid is not, this book will surely lay the seeds of interest. This book is a fun way to explore and learn new science topics, concepts and experiments. It also manages to make difficult material easy and interesting. Young Scientists Comic Books is filled with illustrations and images that will entice kids and make the learning process easy. The book also manages to slowly build confidence among readers as they proceed with each topic.

Remember History

Does your kid have a problem remembering historical dates, names and events? Here is a book that will make things easier for you. This children’s atlas is a compilation of everything that has happened throughout in the history of the world. It has very bright and attractive images that are easy to understand and lay down a clearer picture in the minds of children. What Happened When in the World covers all the remarkable events that went down in history. It also features 3D maps that creates interest and gives you a visual of the world.

Understand math

Everyone from kids to adults facing difficulty in math should definitely buy this book. Unlike what schools teach simply about the formulas and working of math problems, this book gives you an easy to read and understand in depth knowledge about the subject math. You will get an idea about the development of math in the world, how theorems work and the significance of the subject in our life. The Maths Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained uses clear language, bold graphics and attractive visuals so you can learn better.

Ideas explained simply

Here is a book that turns a complex subject into relatively interesting and easy to understand. Ecology is a complex and a very vast subject that involves understanding how the mankind works. This book makes the subject not only fascinating but also aware about a lot of things that you don’t know. You get to explore theories, movements and events related to biology, geography, ecology, etc. The Ecology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained is a book that is apt for anyone who is interested in the subject. Its elaborate explanations and attention grabbing diagrams take the fun one step ahead.

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