Make maths fun with these colourful teaching aids

FP Studio November 10, 2020 19:32:33 IST
Make maths fun with these colourful teaching aids

Montessori math manipulatives

Build your child’s math understanding quickly with this set of colourful square tiles. Use these well made bright counters to discover how much fun addition and subtraction can be. For younger children, these are great for pattern continuation and colour sorting, ensuring you have a versatile tool that you can use for years.

Great for preschooler games and activities

Soft, colourful and endlessly useful for all kinds of art and crafts, these pom poms add plenty of interest to any hands-on activities for children. Help your children learn, explore and have fun with all kinds of simple math games, explore the concepts of more and less all while building confidence and focus. If you want to make learning fun and add a tactile element to your games, we’d say go for it!

Promote school readiness

This set of interlocking cubes looks deceptively simple. Easy to snap together on all sides you can use these to do everything from simple addition and subtraction, colour recognition, pattern matching, skip counting and other complex activities with ease. The handy geometric shape cutouts help build fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and motor planning while making them great for tactile STEM learning as well. We would recommend these cubes for anyone with small children.

Perfect for 10-frame counting

These basic foam counters can be used for all kinds of counting, sorting, pattern continuation, and essential addition and subtraction. Useful for teachers and students, they provide a hands-on way to explore and learn math concepts in a fun way. Multicoloured and versatile, counters help promote participation and keep kids engaged and knowing better. Give children specific tasks to complete using counters to build focus and boost their confidence. Perfect for kindergarten and older, we’d say these are lightweight, portable and perfect for learning.

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