Make breakfast time a breeze with these essentials

FP Studio January 28, 2021 14:09:06 IST
Make breakfast time a breeze with these essentials

Start your day with some warm water

This glass-electric kettle comes with a capacity of 1.7Ltr that easily pours around 6 cups of water perfect for brewing tea- coffee or making oatmeal. The borosilicate glass body along with its cool-touch handle and concealed heating plate make this kettle extremely safe to use for your daily needs. A blue LED light indicates that the kettle is on and it automatically shuts down when the water is boiled and ready. A great choice for fact pacers or working professionals, this kettle will definitely give you a headstart with your kitchen errands.

Get grilling with this non-stick toast sandwich maker

Have you wondered why homemade toasts sandwiches don't have the same crispness similar to the ones you get at a sandwich shop? There is one simple answer and solution - A good toaster. This non-stick toaster is perfect to make a sandwich on your gas with minimal gas consumption. The handle is made from heat resistant material that enables ease and convenience while cooking and carrying. It evenly distributes heat and preserves all nutrients and is a great choice for healthy and oil-free cooking.

Have a nice cuppa hot coffee

This coffee maker is perfect to wake you up and get your day started. It comes with a 4-cup capacity that is equipped with a steam-control knob and coffee strength selector. Its unique turbo nozzle gives you the frothing you get in coffee shops. The carafe or glass body of the coffee maker and its lid is heat-resistant. The machine also comes with a coffee strength feature to get the desired output. The removable drip tray makes it easy to clean any spillage while handling. Easy on electric usage, this coffee maker is a solution to easy and delicious mornings.

Dish out a treat

Prepare deliciously warm grilled cheese sandwiches or toasts in minutes with this sandwich maker. It makes two toasted sandwiches together and also comes with indicator lights. These lights let you know when to add sandwiches and when they’re ready to serve fresh and hot for the perfect snack or lunch. Perfect to dish out toast sandwiches or bread pies if you are feeling fancy, this toaster is all about oil/ butter free cooking. Built for small space, this toaster stands upright for storage taking up minimal cabinet space. Pick it up for fast and convenient snack making.

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