Make all occasions special with these crystal glasses

FP Studio December 15, 2020 10:10:13 IST
Make all occasions special with these crystal glasses

Ideal for a classy party

Made from high-quality crystal, you can safely use this set of whiskey glasses for all kinds of beverages. Adding a touch of sophistication to any event, these lowball glasses feature a rounded, diamond-cut design and give you a premium feel when you hold them in your hand. Being Dishwasher and freezer safe, keeping these glasses clean is easy, and you won’t have to worry about their durability. With a 300ml capacity, this set of six glasses make a perfect addition to your home bar and also make excellent gifts. If you’re looking for whiskey glasses to complement your style, we recommend buying this set.

High-quality set for daily use

From one of Asia’s leading glassware manufacturers, you can have peace of mind knowing that this set is a quality product. Whether you’re hosting a casual party with friends or a formal dinner, using these glasses can help enhance your experience with every sip. These beautiful glasses feature a classic design and a smooth laser-cut rim. The premium glass used in this set makes each unit solid and durable. With a height of 3.6-inches and a heavy base, you can relax without worrying about accidentally knocking over your drink. For the ideal balance of durability and great looks, from a reliable brand, this set is a winner.

Upgrade your style at a pocket-friendly price

In this set, you get six stylish glasses, each with a classic diamond pattern on the lower half. You can serve up to 280ml of beverage in each glass while effortlessly adding a touch of class to your dining table. Designed for durability, you can safely wash them by hand or in a dishwasher. These tall glasses have wide, well-rounded rims for comfortable sipping and a sturdy base for stability. Bring them out when you have guests over and watch the compliments flow. Available at an unbelievably low price, we find these glasses a great value for money.
If you’re looking for an affordable set of stylish glasses for your home, your search ends here.

Drink like royalty

This set contains six well-crafted highball tumblers which add a regal touch to any occasion.
Crafted from lead-free crystal and safe for all kinds of beverages, these glasses give you peace of mind as you sip away on your favourite drink. With an ample 360ml capacity, you won’t find yourself constantly running back to the bar for a refill. Using a pattern that has proved popular through generations, each glass features a traditional facet cut design that reflects light beautifully. With a brilliant shine and clarity, these elegant glasses make great conversation starters. If upgrading your drinking experience to a matchless level is what you seek, this is the perfect set to buy.

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