Liquor glassware for every type and blend you like

FP Studio September 17, 2020 16:07:46 IST
Liquor glassware for every type and blend you like


Stout bulb shaped glasses

Italian crafted laser cut glasses that provide them with uniform and thin rims. It has a stout bulb shape that feels natural and comfortably fits in your hand. If you are looking for wine glasses you should definitely consider these as they have a lead free chemical composition that gives ultra clear, pure and stunning wine glasses. Ash & Roh Glass Party Glass come in a set of 2 with a capacity of 400ml and a built which allows the wine to aerate enhancing it’s flavour and quality while releasing its decadent aromas.

Crystal cut tumblers

These lightweight glasses are made of fine grade sand with premium glaze finish making it sturdier and long lasting. It has a heavy base providing extra weight and stability to prevent it from tipping making it perfect to be used for scotch or whiskey. Its slender attractive design with classic crystal cut pattern gives a comfortable grip making it look and feel great in your hand. Prax Crytsal Touch Cut Seamless Designer Tumblers comes in a set of 6 pieces with each having a capacity of 350ml.

Sleek and slender design

Tempered or toughened champagne flutes for maximum safety, superior resistance and long lastivity. They have hygienic surfaced so no longer need to worry about health safety. The long slender and sleek design with the creative twisted stem gives it a very elegant look making it perfectly versatile for every setting may it be official or unofficial. Pasabahce Twist Champagne Flute Set comes in a set of 6 with each having a capacity of up to 150ml. They are resistant to deep freeze thus can be used in refrigerators with worries of them cracking. Great for formal parties.

Fancy designed glasses

A stemmed glass with a curved bowl shape with a tapering end. It is constructed of soda lime which is a completely hygienic material making the glasses safe for use. The make is crystal clear with high durability and sturdiness allowing you to enjoy your cocktail without worry about it getting easily tipping off and spillage. These glasses are made for margarita so you are looking for one, these are the best pick for you. Ocean Margarita Glass Set comes in a set of six with the capacity of 200ml along with being resistant to heat and scratch. Perfect for cocktail parties.

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