Level up your kitchen with these awesome canisters.

FP Studio August 12, 2020 17:07:34 IST
Level up your kitchen with these awesome canisters.

Beautiful silver coloured 3 piece canisters

These canisters are made of stainless steel making it highly durable and long-lasting. Kuber Industries Stainless Steel 3 Pieces Sugar Tea Coffee Container Set comes in three different capacities - 700ml, 500ml, and 250ml which stores the contents in a compact manner. This 3 piece set has printed names on their sides to help you reach the right one. It is child friendly owing to the fact that it has rounded sided thus keeping the user safe from the pointed edge piercings. So if you are looking out for steel canisters, you should definitely try these beautiful silver colored pot-shaped ones making them look different from the regular ones.

Classic matt black canisters

Tired of stainless steel canisters getting rusted with time? These canisters have it sorted for you. The body is made from mild steel and lids of stainless steel that has rust-free property. Both the steels used are of high grade making the canisters extremely durable and efficient in keeping the contents dry. Dynore Black Conical Tea, Coffee & Sugar canisters have the same capacity of all the three pieces i.e., 900ml. They come in a black powder coating finish which gives out a very classy look to your kitchen and saves your time as they have names imprinted on them for identification.

Vacuum suction locking system

Searching for airtight canisters? These are the ones for you. They have a scientific locking mechanism that gives an easy locking system, all you need to do is simply push down the lid to lock and lift it up to unlock. The canisters are airtight thus preserves the original taste and nutrition value of the contents kept in it intact for a long time making it efficient to store tea and coffee. Jaypee Plus Classique 3 Set of 3 Tea, Sugar & Coffee Container comes in a rich jade blue color which gives your kitchen a very aesthetic look. It has a compact design to store up to maximum efficiency.

Reusable and recyclable canisters

These canisters are made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel to take care of hygiene and contents safety. They are cylindrical in shape giving full utility to the user and are airtight and leak proof. Spice up your kitchen with these vibrant colored Mayur Gold Stainless Steel Tea/Coffee/Sugar Containers that come in bright blue, green, and orange. They perfectly serve for home as well as commercial purpose and are dishwashers safe thus you no longer need to worry about cleaning. You can reuse and recycle them, giving your contribution to sustainable living.

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