Let your mind flow freely in these journals

FP Studio September 17, 2020 15:38:54 IST
Let your mind flow freely in these journals


Handmade stitched journal

A completely handmade journal that gives out a retro vibe. It comes with 200pages that are hand sewn and binded to leather back cover in worn out brown colour that gives a vintage look to it. The paper used is unruled that facilitates a versatile use may it be for calligraphy, sketching or anything else that you wish for. It has a vintage key attached to a leather band that wounds around to keep the journal locked and secure. RJKART Leather Handmade Journal Notebook Diary for Men and Women has a variety of quotes you can choose from to be printed on your copy.

Ancient historical styled journal

A beautifully crafted genuine water buffalo leather that is naturally tanned with special oil to give a very realistic and natural look. It contains 200 blank no bleed through hand crafted papers made from recycled cotton thus being environmental friendly. It has a hand cut asymmetrical flap cover with designs that are similar to the ancient historical books giving it a rustic charm.TUZECH Handmade Pure Leather Diary Leather Journal can be used for your poem collection giving it an old fashioned touch.

A perfect journal for wanderlust

A hardbound journal specially designed for travel lovers so if you have a wandering soul and wanderlust, this is the best pick for you. The journal has a total of 240 pages that have been divided into three different categories of pages - 192 rules pages that are dateless, 24 pages for monthly planning your schedule efficiently and 24 pages containing inspirational quotes that make the journal unique. Doodle Travelogue Paper Based Travel Journal that has a beautiful travel theme based cover.

Super cool graphics

A beautiful small and compact journal that is very easy to carry and can be stored in any place due to its compact size. It contains 112 numbers of pages that won’t bleed even if you use sketch pens or ink pens so you can write, draw or doodle without any worries. The cover page comes with super cool and high quality printed graphics that won’t fade over time. If you are looking for a journal to instantly digitize your notes or sketches, Factor Notes Notebook: 90 GSM Natural Shade Paper Journal is a perfect buy for you.

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