Leashes to keep your pet under control

FP Studio November 27, 2020 12:34:36 IST
Leashes to keep your pet under control

Long leash

The DDS store offers a long rope dog leash which is 10 feet long. It is black in colour. It is made up of soft, webbing nylon material to add to the comfort. The swivel-style Zinc Alloy Buckle is for easy attachment to your dog's own collar which can be rotated by 360 degree and allows your pet to play more secure. Since the leash is 10 feet long, it allows the dog to roam freely even when he is under control and secure. This can be used anywhere i.e. parks, hikes, buildings, etc.

Nylon leash

This leash by VRCT is specially made for dogs which are of large breed and are extra-large in size. It is made up of nylon and has a design on it. The length of the leash is 57.5 inches and it feels 100% soft. It is very durable and of good quality. The dog leash hook is made up of zinc platting iron base. It is suitable for small and medium size dogs as well. It comes in variety of colours, namely red, yellow, black and blue. The leash is non-stretchable and can be used for variety of occasion.

Leash rope

The dog harness and leash by Skora is black in colour and is made up of nylon material. It has comfortable grip for dog neck chest and is easy to handle. It has soft padding and has stylish design. The harness chest size is adjustable between 33 and 42 inch. The harness connecting belt length ranges between 7 and 58 inch. This also can be used for various occasions.

Belt and leash set

The set by SENAPATI which is an Indian brand offers collar belt and a leash. It is red in colour and the size is medium. It is durable and strong belt which is made out of nylon. It has soft finishing which keeps the dog at ease. The dog collar and the leash are adjustable and can easily fit for all dog. It is 25-inch-long and the collar size is fully adjustable. It is waterproof and has buckles to adjust and fit perfectly to the dog’s comfort. This can be used for walks, travel, hikes , etc.

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