Large OTGs to cook everything from chicken to cakes easily

FP Studio March 18, 2021 12:35:54 IST
Large OTGs to cook everything from chicken to cakes easily

Makes food crispier

Baking, grilling, toasting, and rotisserie. With its twelve-stage heating function, this OTG is equipped to perform all these functions efficiently. These functions give you the possibility of twelve varied heating combinations to pick from, depending upon the requirement of the dish you want to bake or toast. By maintaining dryness, the convection function makes meats and vegetables crispier, caramelizes sugar faster, in an efficient way. So what it actually does is, cooks food faster at a lower temperature, thus saving more energy than a regular oven. If you want an electricity-efficient oven, this oven is perfect for you.

Comes with thermostatic temperature control

This multipurpose oven toaster grill is really versatile and fulfills all your culinary requirements. Since you do not need to use much oil, you get to prepare delicious meals fast and easily without having to compromise on the food value. With the 60 RCSS OTG you can roast chicken perfectly. The thermostatic temperature control function so you can set the temperature according to your need. It also offers you the convection function which helps faster and even cooking. Since convection circulates air to distribute heat evenly, it facilitates the formation of proper crust. If you are looking for an oven that will fulfill all your cooking requirements, look no further.

Sturdy stainless steel body

Transform everyday meals into tasty treats. With convection technology, this OTG gives you 360 degree even cooking so that your kitchen and recipes also evolve with the world’s best cooking experience. The optimal cooking temperature allows you to cook food at even temperatures, thus achieving consistency. The keep-warm function keeps your food warm hours after it has been cooked. The stainless steel body of the OTG adds to the life of the appliance. If a sturdy appliance is what you have been looking for, this OTG is perfect for you.

With motorized rotisserie

Elegantly designed and equipped with multiple functions and accessories, this OTG is a great investment for your kitchen. The automatic timer in the OTG allows you to know when the food is ready and cooked. Thus, there is no need to watch over your preparations by the minute. This no-fuss appliance makes every process of cooking a joyful experience without any hassle. It also includes a motorized rotisserie for lavish grilled cooking beyond the ordinary. If you love roasted chicken, this OTG is perfect for you.

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