Language flash cards to help your child learn fast.

FP Studio November 06, 2020 00:17:48 IST
Language flash cards to help your child learn fast.

For beginner Spanish learners

Learning a language can be a lot of fun with the right tools. This pack of cards has colorful illustrations and is perfect for beginners. Every card includes a picture, the Spanish word, the English translation, and a hint to get the pronunciation correct. Great for travel and to revise anywhere, this compact set of cards is fun for both children and adults who want to expand their Spanish vocabulary quickly and easily. Use the cards to play games with the whole family or word with a pupil one-on-one. If you’re looking for a great language building tool, this one is the one to start with first.

For beginner English learners

With 12 cards on colors, 10 on shapes, 26 alphabet cards, 19 on parts of the body, and 20 numbers cards, this is a great set to start out with your English language learning. Besides you also get another 7 cards for the days of the week to make sure you have enough in your vocabulary to successfully make phrases and sentences. Well made and multi-purpose, your little one can write on and wipe off these cards, enjoy coloring, spelling and writing practice anywhere. Besides the handy guild gives you plenty of ideas on ways to create fun learning activities for all ages. If you’re looking for a great aid for teachers and parents to support auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning, this is it.

For beginner French learners

Brainscape's foreign language flashcards are neatly divided into subjects and secks that correspond to the ways that a learner might need to study them. Their adaptive learning engine makes it easy to review your vocab, verbs, phrases, and grammar in exactly the pattern your brain needs, for maximum memory retention. And most of the flashcards have audio accompaniments as well!

For beginner Mandarin learners

Specially designed for kids from pre-k all the way through elementary levels, this set of 64 words includes commonly relatable themes like Going Places, At My House, Things I Like to Do, Actions, Opposites, Weather, and Nature. Packed chock full of beautiful illustrations that reinforce the meaning of the word, you can study this set of cards in any order. The audio CD helps children get the sounds of the words right while practicing simple conversational sentences. The wall chart makes it easy to practice, while the handy guide has plenty of activities and tips to help you learn faster. If your child is interested in picking up Mandarin, this is the best way to support their learning needs.

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