Knee Sleeves to assist you while training or gymming

FP Studio September 17, 2020 16:49:02 IST
Knee Sleeves to assist you while training or gymming


Good for court sports

The McDavid Teflx sleeve is made out of ultra-durable resistance coating that is perfect for young people who play intense court sports like volleyball, basketball or badminton. The Teflx can withstand repeated scuffs and skids on hard surface or body-to-body contact. The quality of the fabric ensures that you are comfortable in them and they do not interfere with running or any movements. McDavid specializes in this type of products. They don’t lose their elasticity easily and they are very durable. They are thin, light and provide a LOT of support for the sport!

Fits snugly around knee

Do you love running but have a dodgy knee? You don’t have to worry anymore. The Joyfit Support Sleeve is a perfect knee brace that takes care of running for you. It’s specially designed with lightweight, breathable, and anti-odour fabric which is the perfect solution for easing knee and arthritis pain. The double-lined, anti-slip silicone holds the tissue around the knee and ensures that your knee remains in place no matter what physical activity you are into. It suitable for anyone who loves playing sports that put a lot of pressure on knees like running, basketball, football, cycling etc.

Helps with extra weight

Good knee sleeves are designed to improve muscular endurance and reduce stress to protect knees. This also reduces inflammation and swelling, and increases blood flow. As one gets older, it is imperative to have a good knee brace that helps them recover faster. The WC Black Hinged Knee Brace is perfect for preventing sports trauma and ligament injuries like sprains. The open patella design reduces pressure on sore knee cap and the hinge can be removed as per the runner’s need. The dual axis polycentric hinges enhance stability which is useful for people who carry a little extra weight. Great for older people who use walking and running as their primary forms of exercise.

Good for intense workouts

The Tdas Adjustable knee support brace is one of the best tools out there to take care of your knees. It is made out of neoprene, a very soft and high elastic breathable fabric that gives a lot of support to your knees and protects your patella. It is comfortable to wear and can withstand intense workouts. This product helps in regeneration and wound healing, relaxing muscles and preventing spasms. The hinged knee stabilizer makes it a perfect fit for physical activities like cycling, playing basketball, running and weight lifting. You can easily avoid potential injuries from strenuous work outs by putting on a suitable knee support like this one.

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