Kinetic sand to bring the sandbox experience indoors

FP Studio February 24, 2021 21:45:36 IST
Kinetic sand to bring the sandbox experience indoors

With fun moulds
Get this play sand if you want to have sand in two colours. It also comes with six different moulds. The moulds are in fun shapes for ships, shells, and crabs that will bring the beach fun right into your playroom. The sand is perfectly sticky that you can even create things with your own hands. The sand never dries which guarantees never-ending fun. It also comes in an airtight container so after playtime there is no spillage and leakage. Build your own dual coloured castle with this sand!

Comes in five colours
Bring this home and let your creative juices flow. Available in 5 different colour sets, this sand is one of the best in the market. The sand is also dust-free, which means no need to have a cleaning session after playtime. It is so easily mouldable that you can make all kinds of designs with this sand. It flows so smoothly out of your hand as if it were a liquid. Even children as young as 3 can play with this sand. You can pack, pull, and shape it. Your children will love it.

Causes no irritation
This sand is made of high-quality material. It is also hypoallergenic which means it is absolutely safe for your younglings. It has a soft texture so it causes no irritation to your children’s skin. It is also non-toxic. So even three-year-olds can safely play with it. Easy to sculpt this sand promotes creativity in kids. Perfect for party, pretend play, role play, and school classroom. This sand also makes for a fun toy gift. Bring the beach indoors with this sand.

Soft to touch
Innovative accessories and plenty of sand you can have a fun children birthday party with this sand. Your kids can use their imagination to create more shapes. This sand is made of high-quality material which is smooth, durable, and soft to the touch. This kinetic beach sand is non-toxic and easy to clean. Different colour combinations, rich scene designs, such tiny sand in the hands of children can become the key to build their dream world. It promotes creativity and imagination of children. This sand has easy to shape or sculpt that impressively holds its shape and incredible craft. This sand never dries out or hardens so the fun never ends.

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