Kennels that make great homes for your furry friends

FP Studio November 26, 2020 13:23:23 IST
Kennels that make great homes for your furry friends

Secure locking system

A wired crate in powder blue colour. It has a single door front entry with a secured locking system of laches that work flawlessly. This 12.39 pounds dog kennel has an optional divider panel set up which you can use if you wish. It is provided with a composite plastic pan to collect the waste. If you are looking for a kennel specifically for small and medium sized dogs, Royal Pet 24-inch Iron and Plastic Cage is the best. Moreover it can also be used for cats and rabbits thus a win-win situation for the buyer.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

An iron dog crate that is rust resistant e-coat finish gives it a strong and durable structure. It has a secure locking system to keep the pet safe inside and is provided with a removable plastic tray that is very easy to clean thus being able to maintain hygiene very easily. It features a front door for easy placement in different rooms of the home. If you are looking for a dog kennel for small dogs and puppies, Naaz Pet Supplies Single Door Folding Metal Dog Cage is the one for you.

Excellent ventilation system

A wooden kennel made of 10mm thickened wood board that is strong and durable. It has a side window on one side and an iron wired gate on the other side which will ensure your pet has bright light inside his/her kennel along with fresh air to breathe. This kennel is provided with an elevated floor that prevents water flowing into the kennel. If you are looking for a dog house for small to medium sized dogs, 24x7 eMall Dog House is the best pick.

For small dogs

An enamelled steel made kennel having a powder coated black paint with shiny finish. It is a wired kennel with a plastic tray in it for the dog to stay in, having dimensions of 76 cm in length, 49 cm in breadth and 56 cm in height. The kennel had double entrance doors, one at the side and another one on the top. If you are looking for a kennel for beagle, cocker spaniel, bulldog, etc with the weight of the dog around 6 kgs, Jainsons Pet Products Black Cage is the one for you.

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