Keep track of your health with these top blood pressure monitors

FP Studio January 28, 2021 08:06:59 IST
Keep track of your health with these top blood pressure monitors

Ideal for families

Using this blood pressure monitor, you can get accurate results from the comfort of your home. We love how simple this device is to operate. It inflates at the press of a button and automatically deflates while recording your pressure. You won't have to stress about keeping track of your results as this device can store up to 30 readings for four people on its internal memory. Perfect for those with low eyesight, the large LCD screen displays results in big, easy to read characters. Perfect for keeping track of your family's health, this machine has our vote.

Ideal for senior citizens

Along with precise blood pressure readings, this device also helps you monitor your pulse. Easy to set up, adults of all ages will find this machine extremely easy to use as it features a single button operation, and a soft, adjustable cuff. The big-screen displays clear readings and also features a date and time function. This machine also boasts intelligent features like irregular heartbeat detection and a coloured risk indicator that lets you know if your results are below or above the normal range. If you're looking for a great blood pressure monitor with simple functions, choose this one.

Best for large arms

Keeping you future-ready, this blood pressure monitor is packed with impressive features. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can effortlessly sync it to any smartphone to view and store your results in a dedicated app. Unlike traditional machines, this device uses advanced technology to measure readings while inflating, so you'll get faster results. If you have large arms, you'll appreciate that this fantastic monitor comes with an extra-wide cuff. You won't have to worry about this device running out of power as it supports USB power input and also runs on AA batteries. If you're in the market for an efficient monitor with Bluetooth, this one's for you.

Best all-in-one machine

This monitor does much more than just check your blood pressure. Using Japanese technology, this machine takes an average of three readings to give you quick and precise results. A feature we appreciate is that it alerts you if it detects an irregular heartbeat or body movement that can affect results. Ideal for monitoring your health while on vacation or during travel, its small and lightweight design, makes it ultra-portable. From a brand that prides itself on producing quality products, you won't have to doubt its durability. Whether for use at home or on the go, we highly recommend this blood pressure monitor.

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