Keep snacks fresh for longer with these easy clips

FP Studio February 12, 2021 02:27:53 IST
Keep snacks fresh for longer with these easy clips

Tightly seal your snacks and foods

These clips are super convenient, durable and reusable. Perfect for tightly sealing and storing all types of foods and snacks, these colourful clips can also help you organize your inventory with colour codes. It can be used to seal all types of food bags and storages and gives it a strong grip with minimum effort. Available in two combos - 18 pcs sealing clips and 36 pc sealing clips, pick these up to maintain the freshness of your food for longer durations.

Perfect for meal preps

If you prefer meal prepping for longer durations and want your food to remain fresh and healthy then getting these clips are a must. They are easy to maintain and seal any bag, leftover food, or even in order to keep your food fresh for longer durations. Sturdy and durable, these clips are easy to maintain, simple to store and easy to clean. Available in three colours and varied sizes, pick these for its variety in size and value for money cost.

Eco-friendly option

Are you among those who love to snack while travelling then this one's for you. These eco-friendly sealers are odour free and BPA free. Simply tie them around your snack packets or any other storage bags and it'll ensure that the packets are airtight and the food is fresh and healthy to consume. Designed for ease and convenience, take these leak-proof sealing clips with you on a road trip to stop worrying about food spilling all over. Suitable for everyday use, these sealing clips are available in 10- assorted colours and are freezer and dishwasher safe.

Snack more, worry less

These sealing clips are great to keep leftovers completely sealed for further use. You can also use them to seal food packets, processed food, milk bags and more. Easy to use and reusable, these clips are like a long term investment to keep your food fresh for longer durations. After clipping it, you can also secure it with a tiny lock to ensure that your food or snacks are airtight. Available in assorted colours and made with sturdy plastic material this 24piece set is suitable for larger families.

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