Keep hunger pangs at bay with these delicious cup noodles

FP Studio January 18, 2021 23:43:30 IST
Keep hunger pangs at bay with these delicious cup noodles

Ready to cook instant noodles
Straight from the streets of Singapore, these instant noodles are a rare treat. In three different flavours, these noodles are yummilicious. You can add the noodles to the taste maker for the delicious taste. You can make these noodles within minutes and cure your midnight cravings. With unique flavour, these instant noodles will satisfy your tummy and tongue. Bring the taste of china straight onto your kitchen table. These noodles are safe to eat as they have neither preservatives nor artificial colours. Bring the authentic taste of Singapore straight to your home.

Spicy chicken noodles
These spiced chicken cup noodles are flavored with various spices. This instant cup noodle is perfect to be enjoyed as an anytime snack. Be it on a camping trip with friends around the bonfire telling horror stories, or midnight office snack to meet that deadline. Enjoy the flavor of spice and chicken in your instant noodles. All you need to add is hot water and wait for 3 minutes. Bring the tastiness of spices and nutrition of chicken. These noodles are also good as an afternoon snack when you want to have a quick fix for your hunger. These are perfect for you if you want to have chicken with your instant noodles.

Vegan noodles
These instant noodles are 100% vegan. The tasty vegetable broth has simple, yet hearty flavours. It is so delicious that even the meat lovers will enjoy. Since all the ingredients are vegan, it is also perfect for other jain diets. They are great for a quick meal anytime on the go, after school, traveling, camping, or even between meetings. Since they already come in cup, all you need to do is add hot water and that's it! You are good to go.

Includes dried veggies in tastemaker
These noodles are perfect if you love super spicy food. Not just spicy, these are also full of flavour. Straight from Seoul Korea, these noodles bring a unique taste. Especially for non vegetarians, these noodles are here to give your taste buds the zing. The tastemaker contains dried ingredients like onion, capsicum, mushroom, carrots, and soy sauce, thus making the noodles very yummy. They come in a plastic cup, so all you need to do is pour hot water and then you are good to go. If you're looking for a spicy yet tasty noodle this is definitely your go to.

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