Interesting games to boost your child's development

FP Studio March 04, 2021 19:45:12 IST
Interesting games to boost your child's development

DIY 5-in-1 set
This is an ultimate craft set comprising five different arts which combinedly forms more that 150+ projects. Craft is all about exploring, imagination, creativity and trial and error to get a perfect masterpiece. This set allows your child to enhance all these skills through - clay window art which allows the child to model dry clay into various forms bring his imagination into reality, 3D miniature models, 3D paper craft, stamp art and paper quilling. imagimake 5-in-1 awesome craft kit is perfect for children above 5 years to keep them engaged in productive things.

Develops imagination
A puzzle that will create an interest in the child to learn more about the Solar System and outer space. It is fun loving as well as engaging at the same time which develops imagination and inquisitive attitude along with problem solving skills. It comprises 108 puzzle pieces which when put together forms our solar system and gives birth to curiosity and imagination in the young brain of the child. Frank Solar System Puzzle is perfect for kids between the age range of 6 to 10.

Abstract patterns
Let your child create animal, bird and beautiful abstract patterns and learn on this magnetic canvas. This game contains 400 magnetic circles, a magnetic canvas upon which the child will let their creativity and imagination run wild, a puzzle book with 200 puzzles, a display stand and a seal pouch to store the magnetic circles. This puzzle built imagination and creativity along with cultivating problem solving skills and improving their geometric and spatial understanding. Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles also leads to fine motor development and hand-eye coordination.

Critical brain development
A pack of five learning toy and books - a high quality 25 pieces puzzle that teaches about animal habitats and develops logic, a spray painting set consisting of colours, book and apron to motivate the artist inside and encourages creativity, a memory game of good manners to develop the brain functions, a wipe clean book which reinforces good manners and a sticker book. The whole game set, Einstein Box for 4, 5 and 6 Year Old Kids is made of highly durable material and turns out to be a great gift for kids ranging in the age of four to six year old children.

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