Instant filter coffee that's quick and easy to prepare.

FP Studio February 15, 2021 10:39:09 IST
Instant filter coffee that's quick and easy to prepare.

The finest traditional filter coffee experience

This is the simplest solution for all those times you want a perfect cup of filter coffee but are too busy to make it from scratch. iD Traditional Filter Coffee Decoction is made from a potent blend of 70% coffee and 30% chicory. This unique blend is made with the finest Arabica and Robusta beans to give you the complete experience of traditional filter coffee that is entirely natural and with zero preservatives or chemicals. 10ml decoction with 80ml of milk makes 1 cup of coffee, so this pack is great if you're looking to get maximum value for your money as it makes 60 cups quickly.

Start your day with filter coffee

Filter kaapi is a big part of southern Indian food culture, and coffee lovers everywhere will attest to its unique, bold flavour. Now you can make a quick cup of traditional filter coffee any time you want by simply adding the decoction to hot milk and sugar. These easy pour and cap pouches offer two flavours, Malabar and Bold, making it a great idea to take with you on travels or for a quick mug during the day. For a quick, easy cup of filter coffee anytime, this decoction of 80% coffee, 20% chicory and 75% water, makes every sip blissful.

Bold, rich filter coffee on the go

Coffee from the Araku valley has been acknowledged globally for its rich aroma and unique, full-bodied flavour. Now you can enjoy a cup on a lazy Sunday morning or after dessert during the week without the fuss of brewing it from scratch. Perfectly roasted to deliver the best filter coffee, anytime, having a few of these sachets in your bag means you never have to wait for a perfect cup ever again. Besides, the long shelf life of 8 months makes it ideal for those who love to travel but love their coffee too.

1-minute filter coffee

For many coffee lovers, the smell of freshly filtered coffee is the perfect cue to get out of bed. But making the perfect cup is a combination of beans that are roasted and ground, brewed, and eventually served well. These ready-to-use packs of Instant filter coffee give you the perfect short cut to delicious South Indian filter coffee whenever you want it in just a minute. Just pour out 15ml into hot milk, add sugar to taste, ENJOY! If you love a lingering aftertaste that stays with you, try this one today.

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