Induction cooktops for easy use anywhere

FP Studio November 17, 2020 15:24:29 IST
Induction cooktops for easy use anywhere

Perfect for those who like to travel and cook
Lightweight easy to operate, this product makes for an excellent addition to your kitchen appliances. While giving you the freedom to manually adjust the cooking temperature, this product comes with seven convenient, preset menus that include heat settings to boil water, cook rice, fry and even a BBQ setting. The anti-skid feet allow you to keep the cooktop firmly in place and helps you avoid accidents while cooking. We were impressed with the safety features that include inbuilt sensors to protect your device from electrical shorts and that only allow operation when it detects appropriate cookware on it.
Choose this product to get an affordable cooktop that delivers excellent results.

For high heating efficiency
Using energy-efficient technology, this product uses only 1800 watts of power and features an auto-shutoff function that helps you use less electricity while cooking. Designed for quick and safe heating, this elegant cooktop makes light work of cooking. It's cool touch surface lets you safely handle the cooktop and avoids many accidents. We loved the fact that it will cut off heat and alert you through the LED screen if you place an unsuitable vessel on it which is a huge plus in a mixed cooktop kitchen set up.
If you’re looking for a safe way to cook delicious meals, pick this one.

For reliable, heavy-duty cooking
From a well-respected brand, you can buy this product with the confidence that it will offer you outstanding durability and last you a lifetime. This 2100W product delivers exceptional performance and gives you rapid and precise heating when switched on. This product’s trendy design compact size, makes it an ideal addition for modular kitchens. You won’t have any trouble cleaning up spills on this device thanks to its smooth micro crystal plate and sealed soft-touch buttons. This cooktop also comes with a timer function that allows switches off the device when complete.
We recommend buying this cooktop easy cooking at the touch of a button.

Safest for daily use
Ideal for use at home or small offices; this easy to use cooktop delivers consistent heating every time. With dedicated Indian menu options that include chapati, idli, curry, and dosa, this well-designed product helps you to effortlessly cook your favourite dishes at the press of a button. The user-friendly interface has a feather touch keys that prevents liquids from entering the device and allow you to adjust temperature conveniently. Keeping your investment protected from power fluctuation damage, the inbuilt voltage regulator is an excellent feature that allows you to cook safely.
If you’re looking for a no-fuss induction cooktop, choose this one.

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