Immersion water heaters for quick hot water quickly anytime

FP Studio January 18, 2021 21:51:58 IST
Immersion water heaters for quick hot water quickly anytime

Comes with nichrome heating element
This one of the best heating options at the lowest cost. This immersion water heater is extremely useful and a convenient way for heating water. Thanks to its compact size, this immersion heater can be easily stored anywhere. This immersion heater heats the water by consuming just 1500W, thus proving to be energy-efficient. This 1500 watts immersion heater facilitates optimum heat transfer for enhanced performance. With the nichrome heating element, this immersion heating rod is shockproof as well. Try this immersion rod if you want water heater without the pricier electricity bill.

Corrosion preventing nickel plating
This immersion water heater comes with the ISI marked 3 pin modeled plug. The nickel plating prevents the corrosion resistance thus giving the heater a longer life. It has extremely efficient heat transfer heating element. This makes the water get warm very quickly. The touch protection cover safeguards your hand from unnecessary hot handle or accidental shocks. It also comes with an elegant and sturdy bucket hook so you can just plug, hook, and get ready for bathing. No need to worry about water splashes as this heater is waterproof. Get this immersion heater if safety is your main concern.

With unique hairpin tubular design
This immersion rod is highest performing as it is powered by 1000 watts. Make hot bathwater in minutes with this convenient bucket-sized immersion rod. This heating rod provides all customers assurance of uncompromising quality. The hairpin tubular design helps provide anchorage while sitting firmly inside a water bucket. It also has a minimum and maximum water level indicator to ensure safe usage. It has thermoplastic polymer which is used to provide a safe to touch handle. No hassle of installation with this simple immersion rod, heat water wherever you need it.

Works on shockproof technology
The most outstanding feature of this immersion rod is its shockproof and waterproof technology. This immersion rod is extremely convenient to use. You can even put your hand in the bucket to check its temperature even when the rod is under operation. This feature is excellent for houses with children. It is compact and elegant looking in black. The heating element is made of copper tube with nickel plating for quick and efficient heating and long life performance. It also comes with 2 Years brand warranty.

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