If you love bowling, these are the essentials you deserve

FP Studio March 22, 2020 14:02:56 IST
If you love bowling, these are the essentials you deserve

Gamecraft Rubber Bowling Ball
This fantastic bowling ball weighs from 2.75 kg to 7.25 kg, while the average adult male usually uses a ball weighing 6.5 kg to 7.25 kg. On the other hand, females bowl with balls of weight between 4.5 kg to 6.5 kg. This Gamekraft Rubber Bowling bAll is designed specially for kids and juniors, which is why the material is rubber and it weighs about 2.5 kg. In spite of what you may feel about rubber bowling balls, this one is both durable and lightweight. Hence, they are ideal for teaching proper bowling techniques and skills to beginners. Go, grab this one for your kid right now!

bowlingballfactory.com Ultra Tac Bowling Thumb Tape
If you are a pro in bowling or looking forward to being one, this is the one for you. The grip on the bowling ball while releasing the ball is an important variable to get the perfect strike. The Ultra Tac Bowling Thumb tape is just for that and a lot more. It gives you the perfect grip as you put your fingers in the holes of the ball. Also, it protects you from the blisters or cuts that can injure you and keep you away from your bowling sessions. So, just roll the Ultra Tac Bowling Thumb tape and get the bowling ball rolling on those 10 pins! We think this is a necessary addition for prolonged bowling fun.

Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball
Your induction into the enjoyable and relaxing world bowling should be smooth and a fun ride. Ebonite is here to ensure just that! The Maxim bowling ball is ideal for recreation and new bowlers when they are ready to begin. Available in multiple light sizes, they surely lighten up the bowling lane with their designs and three multi-colour options. They are made of 3 piece core for that ideal weight, drift and the momentum to knock the pins out. The cover is made of polyester to give you a smooth finish but a steady grip! So, get ready, steady, roll and bowl!

Hammer Black Widow Red Legend Solid Bowling Ball
This Bowling ball is strictly for the pros. For the comic book fans out there, a combination of Black Widow and hammer of the Gods surely must set the bowling lanes on fire!! The core is strong while the covertsock is tough with Carbon fibre that sets this one apart, due to its durability and toughness. The color is blood red, and when you mean competition, there are few that will stand in your way apart from the Kingpins and his 9 merry men. Ideal for a fierce game with your mates or a competition at a professional level, this one wins hands down!

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