Hydration Station: Our top picks in children’s water bottles

FP Studio January 27, 2021 12:46:38 IST
Hydration Station: Our top picks in children’s water bottles

Fashion forward sips through the day

This BPA-free acrylic pink glitter bottle holds enough water to last the day and has a wide mouth that makes for easy cleaning. We loved the tight, spill-proof lid and the slim, understated body, but the glitter made it a no-contest winner in our eyes. This bottle can be slipped into a backpack for school, taken to dance practice or even slipped into a bag for an evening out with friends. We recommend it for a stylish teen who needs some sparkle in her life.

For children who love Peppa Pig

Who doesn’t love Peppa Pig? Combine the adorable little cartoon character and a round, easy to handle water sipper and you’ve got yourself a winner. This water bottle's stainless steel interior and wide mouth makes clean up a breeze. Further, the leak-proof design helps prevent messes and the cap is super easy for little hands to handle. But the thing that got our vote? It keeps liquids hot or cold for 24 hours so it’s perfect for a little preschooler.

Say goodby to thirst

An extra History class? A double games period? Bring it on. This charming blue stainless steel water bottle features an adorable little unicorn and will keep your kids drinking up. Other attractive features include its durability which can withstand knocks and bumps and its slim, portable design. What we love about this bottle is that the cap can also be used as a cup. This makes it perfect for kids who tend to sip water rather than gulp it down.

Action ready silicon bottle

Does your teenager leave the house in a blur, forgetting half of what he/ she needs? Solve that problem with this stylish silicone expandable bottle. It comes with a carabiner so you can attach the bottle to a backpack or a bicycle. The bottle’s flexible, expandable design allows you to shrink it down as you need and the snazzy blue and green design is eye-catching and hard to miss. This bottle is perfect for active kids who don’t like the bother of having to lug a clunky bottle around.

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