How to cut off screen time smartly and keep your child engaged

FP Studio April 24, 2020 22:19:57 IST
How to cut off screen time smartly and keep your child engaged

Having said this, coaxing a child to get off the television or other gadgets might test a parent’s patience, however, it is not entirely undoable. As observed, children tend to gravitate towards the behavior their parent's showcase. If a parent reads a book during a dedicated hour of the day, a child is most likely to follow suit. They can also encourage other activities instead, which will actually take a youngster's mind away from television and other screens.

At the end of the day, even though for many parents, it is easier to turn on the television than to actually engage the child to do otherwise, take the necessary steps in that moment to reduce addiction to the screen in the long run.

Need help? Here are our top ways to cut screen time smartly and keep your child engaged:

1. Firstly, encourage hobbies as they help taking the child’s mind off screen. Pick up activities which are of interest to the children like dancing or painting. Schedule time at home for this, almost like a class at home during fixed days of the week.

2. Secondly take out time for games! Games and toys play an important role in learning and development of children. Physical activities like hopping or jumping hoops could help too. Games like scrabble and monopoly would not only keep their minds off the screen but help them learn new things as well. Showcase the joy of playing games offline, bring alive the fun of playing them with you or their sibling in person. Make it educative or even so, just plain fun!

3. Inculcate reading as a habit. You can also create a dedicated study section in the house so that they can read without interruption. Match your reading time with theirs. If they do not like books, try an audiobook to listen to. If not, read with them, debate and discuss that topic if needed. Encourage them to question you.

While it may be hard to keep your kids away from the screen for a while, spending time with them is one of the key ways to doing this. If work is keeping you busy, try monitoring the activity. At the end, it is your bond of friendship that will ensure your child is inspired to listen in, share how he feels, and thus, give you more tips on how you can best reduce this growing screen addiction!

Here are a few important tools you would need:

1. Kids Mandi™ Scrabble Word Building Game

Kids Mandi crossword Game allows them to have fun by connecting letters on the board that has many interesting images. They enjoy creating words of their own. Playing this game is very easy. In this type of game, kids are found crossing the words in order to reach the squares that are coloured. This amazing word-building game allows the little ones in various ways. They can also strengthen their spelling and vocabulary skills. It also helps in improving their concentration level. Besides, it assists in the development of logical thinking ability of the little ones.

2. Luonita Folding Desk for Small Space

A Folding Study Desk For small space that can be used for children or as a home office desk, it is created by a professional designer and has a simple minimalist aesthetic appeal. The desk with shelf is made of high-quality particleboard and steel frame, very stable and can be used for many years. One does not need to install it as it opens directly.

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