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Punching Above Your Weight

To give your workout an extra edge, it’s time to invest in RMOUR Unfilled Heavy PU Punch Bag with Hanging Chain, which lets you unleash the power within. This punching bag is built with protection design, that lets you practice to your potential, without running the risk of accidental injuries. Made of high quality PU lightweight material, this punching bag won’t just resist your kicks and punches, but also wear and tear that can result from prolonged use. Along with the RMOUR Unfilled Heavy PU Punch Bag, you also get a hanging chain. So you can just hang it on a ceiling hook and get started.

Boxing Drills Done Right

This is a great bag if you want to take a few swings at home. It’s five feet, and you can fill it up with sand, old clothes, wood chips or rice. It is designed for maximum shock absorption and it is great for high impact workouts. This bag is tailored for the beginners who want to practice boxing skills in order to build general fitness. It offers you all the basics that you need for a fulfilling home workout session. All you need to do is mount it on a sturdy ceiling and you are ready to go the distance.

The Professional Set Up

When you want to hit hard, this Byson Bag is for you. It gives you a high quality, good striking surface. Punching on this bag will give you the strength you need and will build up your muscles as well. It is made out of high grade material so you don’t have to worry about it getting torn or ripped quickly. You can use this bag for years without any fear. This bag is part of a boxing kit which means you don’t have to separately go shopping for gloves or hand wraps. It’s a one stop boxing shop for you!

Feel The Power

This is a heavy duty canvas bag that can hold up to 35 kg of weight easily. This means you can fill it up with sand or rice and it can take a good pounding. The stitches are tough and the bag has been designed for maximum shock absorption. You can go all out on this Aurion Canvas Punching bag. It is great for boxing practice. Synthetic leather is stitched over the canvas, so it won’t tear easily. The chain is well balanced, and together with the bag are of a convenient length. You can even use this for some light kickboxing.

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