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Play The Right Shot

The Cosco Max Power Aluminium Tennis Racquet is made from aluminium. It is a perfect racquet for players who are new to the game of Tennis. The Cosco Max blends comfort and durability effortlessly. This tennis racquet has a head size of 110 square inches and a balance of 320 lbs to 340 lbs. It weighs between 260 to 270 grams, which makes it easy to swing with complete control and confidence. The Cosco max is highly recommended for recreational use, and it is an excellent racquet for practice sessions. It has a tension range of 38 lbs -45 lbs, which will make the ball fly off the racquet.

Game, Set, Match

Experience the sensations of fantastic gameplay with the Head Titanium 1000 Tennis Racquet. Titanium 1000 is suitable for tennis players of beginners to intermediate skill levels. This racquet features the new shaft inlay technology. The shaft inlay technology dramatically improves a racquet’s stability. The amazing grip allows players to control precisely how the ball moves. The racquet has longer dimensions, which allows players to easily generate more power when swinging. The racquet has a head size of 104 square inches and a balance of 330 mm. The Titanium 1000 has a 16 x 9 string pattern to boost your game.

Built For Domination

The Cosco-21 racquet is made for enthusiastic beginners to the game of Tennis. The racquet is perfect for mastering a variety of shots. The Cosco tennis racquet gives players an immediate edge over their opponents. It not only improves the finesse of shots on the court but also raises your confidence levels by several notches. It is highly recommended to use the 3/4 cover to cover and protect the racquet adequately. The cover will keep it safe from both abrasions and scratches. The lightweight and durable Coso-21 is crafted with aluminum, to keep you company through many on-court adventures.

One Design To Rule Them All

Not all racquets are for experts. Some racquets are more versatile and suited to a wide variety of game styles. The Dunlop TR-Nitro carbon fibre tennis racquet is one of those racquets. Lightweight, fast and accurate, this is a great piece of equipment for people who are getting back to tennis or for those who are looking to improve their game. It can also be used by beginners and by players who are working their way through intermediate skill levels. It’s good build and quality make it great value for money. Speed, power and comfort, this racquet has it all!

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