Hit the Bull’s Eye with these Dart Essentials

FP Studio March 22, 2020 18:02:40 IST
Hit the Bull’s Eye with these Dart Essentials

Geologic T120 Canaveral Steel - Tipped Darts
Geologic T120 darts are ideal for your home practice, as they consist of three important parts for accuracy and stick ability on the dartboard. Firstly, Steel tips are for excellent balance and grip on the dartboard. Secondly, the hollow barrel centerpiece enables a firm hold on the dart of the player and increases in-flight stability. Thirdly, flight feathers on the barrel are for good projectile motion and accurate flight direction. The structure is made of polyethylene and steel in equal proportions. These are really great for beginners, intermediate, or expert players. Not only are these darts light-weight, agile and well equipped to pierce the dartboard, but they also come with a 2-year warranty. So, go ahead and have a great time with your darting companions.

Hey! Play! TG Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard
A dart game is literally incomplete without a dartboard. Hey 21 Play 21 brand has a sturdy dartboard where the scoring segments are divided with spider wire webs. You can play the classic game of 20 points, target the bullseye, cricket or shanghai! One board and many choices to have a fun time with your pals! It comes with an inbuilt mounting bracket so that you can install it easily without damaging the wall on which it is mounted. The board is a full-size dartboard and ideal for beginners and advanced players alike. It is made of tough but light materials including brass and plastic. It comes in three variations – Classic, Standard and Bristle. Two sets of total of six darts are also included making a complete set! So, go ahead and get darting with this awesome product!

Aerofit Dart Pin Set of 6
Another set of dart pins that define style are from Aerofit. The pack comes with two sets or 6 darts with the flags of two nations on the “aero” dynamically “fit” flight feathers to give it in-flight stability. The accurate tips are metal plated that set your stature in the darting game among your companions. Further, these tips reduce dart pin deflection on the dartboard to give you a winning spree. The central barrel is specially designed to optimise the flight of the dart pin while providing adequate grip to the player. So if you are playing to win, we recommend you buy these now!

Viper Universal Dart Flight Accessory Kit
Abraham Lincoln, the President of United States of America once said “If I had five minutes to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first three sharpening my axe.” So, what good is a darting pin which is blunt or worn out. Viper Universal kit enables each dedicated darting champion to keep his / her darting pins ready to win not only now but always. This accessory kit consists of a set of slim and standard flights, flight deflectors, protectors, rings and nylon shafts to keep you ready for the next win. The accessories are available in multiple colours to merge with your style. So, go ahead, sharpen your axe and win all your dart games with ease!

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