Highly nutritious bird food

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Highly nutritious bird food

High energy content

A professionally formulated bird food that has each of its ingredients specifically chosen for their high energy content. It is a feeder mix which will attract a wide variety of birds. It is completely free from artificial chemicals, colours and pesticides or preservatives.The key ingredients in it are millets, kibbled maize, flax seeds, niger seeds and kang. If you are a bird watcher or feeder Nature Forever Bird Feeder Mix is the best buy for you as it will attract a huge variety of birds.

Balanced diet

A dust free pure natural seeds blend that is a balanced diet loaded with multi and micro nutrients. It has seeds that are a rich source of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and carbohydrates. It also has a high fiber content which aids in good digestion. Overall this bird feed keeps your bird healthy, and joyous by providing it a complete required diet. RENUKA SEEDS Ma-Tong 1 KG Premium Mixed Bird Feeder is best fit for Budgies, Finches, Small Parrots, Sparrow, Wild birds, Backyard Birds, Lovebirds, Dove & Pigeons.

For cockatiel and love birds

A high quality easily digestible bird food that is 100% natural with no added preservatives and colorant. It contains canary seeds, sunflowers seeds, yellow millets, red sorghum and oats carefully mixed giving a complete source of vitamins and minerals. It builds immunity and ends digestive problems and aids in development of feather health too. If you are looking for bird food specially for love birds and cockatiels, Boltz Food for Cockatiel & Lovebird is for you.

Best for breeding

A seed mix bird food that will take complete care of their nutritional needs to keep them healthy and active. It is 100% natural without any preservatives and colorants.The seeds used are varied as per seasonal seed growth cycle thus providing fresh seeds. It contains oats that are very useful for good conditioning and breeding. If you are looking for bird food specifically for budgies, Boltz Bird Food for Budgies - Mix Seeds is made for you.

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