Heavy duty tripods for regular rough use

FP Studio February 04, 2021 10:30:33 IST
Heavy duty tripods for regular rough use

Flexible Tripod

The Adofy’s Flexible Tripod for Cell Phone tripod is 12-inches and extremely lightweight as well as bendable. Since it is a heavy duty tripod, it is also compatible with action cameras. It includes a free mobile holder that is attached to the tripod. There is another variant, which includes the holder and tripod adapter. It has a clasp lock system which allows you to keep your phone or camera, in an exact angle, suitable for a particular shot you are aiming for!

Adjustable aluminium alloy

The DFS Heavy Duty adjustable aluminium alloy tripod stand holder is compatible with both mobile phones as well as cameras. It has a 3-way head which allows excellent versatility, allowing to change the orientation of the camera as per one’s needs and requirements. It also allows for a 360-degree swivel function. This tripod has a Centre Shaft Jacking System, which allows the length of the tripod to go up to 105cm. It also has a level tester in it, which detects and adjusts as per the requirements of the horizontal position.


The DIGITEK DTR 550 LW has ten other variants, with different lengths and with different requirements, which you can checkout as well. It is extremely compatible with all cameras and is also quite user friendly. This tripod has three sections for height adjustment, and it also has a clip lock system, allowing you to set it up wherever you’d like, without having to worry about whether it’ll stand. It is also very lightweight, and is easy to carry around, which is why it is an excellent choice if going for rough terrains.

Tripod with bag

The Amazon Basics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag can be bought in a pack of one or two and there are two other variants too – 50-inches and 70-inches. This lightweight tripod has adjustable height legs as well as rubber feet to provide stability. It is compatible with almost all video cameras, digital cameras, still cameras, smartphones as well as GoPro devices. It has two built-in bubble view levels as well as 3-way head to provide a proper tilt as well as swivel motion. It measures 25 inches but can go upto 60 inches.

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