Healthy and delicious, here are the best muesli based options for your breakfast!

FP Studio June 10, 2020 01:23:28 IST
Healthy and delicious, here are the best muesli based options for your breakfast!

Stock up on these healthy bars for an on-the-go meal

Let’s start off with these ready to eat bars which are the perfect choice to grab and eat on your way to work. What’s more, these cereal bars are gluten free, contain no added sugars, no added preservatives and yet contain the required daily nutrition amount of nearly a bowl of fruit. With the inclusion of exotic ingredients like blueberries, peanut butter and strawberry, each bar doesn’t compromise on taste. In addition these perfectly proportioned bars are packed with nuts, seeds, dry fruit, protein and grains that deliver high nutrition with an unbeatable delicious taste. Did we mention that these bars also mix well in shakes if you want to switch it up for a liquid breakfast?

Just what your doctor ordered

Taking heart healthy breakfasts to new heights, is what this muesli offering from Kellogg’s with the combination of 20% crunchy almonds and raisins and 5 nutritious grains promises. This naturally cholesterol free breakfast is our top pick for a healthy multigrain breakfast. Packed with nature’s goodness, a ton of required vitamins, iron and fiber; these are the benefits that come from Oats, Wheat, Corn, Barley and Rice included in this mix. This product definitely has a lot going for it. We also love to top it off with some cold milk that just hits the right spot. So satisfy your breakfast cravings with this healthy choice.

The smart choice for your breakfast meal

This multigrain and high fiber rich Swiss style muesli is packed with 40% oats, Californian almonds, raisins and natural honey that make for crunchy & healthy breakfast clusters. This breakfast choice brings to you the goodness of 100% whole wheat oats and corn flakes for added fiber rich bran. With no other artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives, this cereal promises you a hearty combination all natural ingredients making it the breakfast of champions. Have it milk or yogurt, or even dry as a snack (a dab of honey goes a long way), this is a great choice for your morning munchies.

Satisfy your morning chocolate craving in a pinch

A healthy breakfast can’t include chocolate you say? Trust us: it can. If you sometimes wake up with a hunger for something sweet, then look no further. This wholegrain breakfast muesli packs a powerful punch with Belgian dark chocolaty chunks of 82% whole grains, cranberries, nuts and seeds. You’ll feel like you’re eating dessert for breakfast but more importantly one that’s made from 100% natural ingredients. This healthy blend of whole grains of quinoa, oats and brown rice; pumpkin, chia and flax seeds; almonds, raisins makes it a protein and fiber rich gluten free satisfying breakfast meal. Who said you can’t have dessert in the mornings?!

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